“There can be no finer contribution than to support the men and women who willingly risk their lives to keep Pennsylvania safe.”

State Troopers: A Legacy of Service

Since 1905, Pennsylvania State Troopers have bravely served the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its many visitors. Whether patrolling our interstates, protecting our local communities, or performing dangerous undercover work, Troopers maintain peace and order.

Of Pennsylvania’s State Troopers, President Theodore Roosevelt famously once said, “I feel so strongly about them that the mere fact a man is honorably discharged from this Force would make me at once, and without hesitation, employ him for any purpose needing courage, prowess, good judgment, loyalty, and entire trustworthiness.” That courage that President Roosevelt spoke of continues to be proven time and again. More than 100 Troopers have given their lives in the line of duty in Pennsylvania, while still more have given the last full measure in serving our country overseas. Thousands of Troopers have been injured in the line of duty.

Additionally, we must never forget the sacrifice made by the families of Troopers, who bravely send their loved ones off to work each day with no guarantee of their safe return home.

The Troopers Helping Troopers Foundation helps when our Troopers and their families face times of great need. We welcome your financial support as we strive to provide needed assistance.