To honor Troopers, their families, and others in the Law Enforcement community, the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association has formed the Troopers Helping Troopers Foundation (THTF) for the purpose of assisting these men, women and their families in their hour of need.

THTF is a non-profit organization that uses all monies to benefit troopers and their families who may be facing extraordinary circumstances. This tax-deductible 501(C)3 foundation, will provide financial assistance for various good causes to members in the Law Enforcement community, including:

  • Those injured or permanently disabled in service to the public;
  • Transition costs for a family who loses a loved one killed in the line of duty;
  • Those who have a loved one that is sick and faces expensive medical treatment.

To date, THTF has donated more than $400,000 to over 150 recipients. These distributions, generously funded primarily by the members of our community, have helped our Troopers and families deal with the extraordinary costs that can be caused by extraordinary circumstances.

There’s More to Be Done

When trouble comes, all who generously give to THTF enable this organization to help with various financial needs. We wish to better position THTF to be of more service in the years to come.

Will you please consider contributing and encouraging others to do so?

We appreciate your interest in investment – and thank you for equipping THTF to be able to help.